Real World Immigration Debate- Open Borders


Angela Nagle, of Kill All Normies fame, has written a new article arguing against open borders.


Meanwhile, members of the open-borders Left may try to convince themselves that they are adopting a radical position. But in practice they are just replacing the pursuit of economic equality with the politics of big business, masquerading as a virtuous identitarianism. America, still one of the richest countries in the world, should be able to provide not just full employment but a living wage for all of its people, including in jobs which open borders advocates claim “Americans won’t do.” Employers who exploit migrants for cheap labor illegally—at great risk to the migrants themselves—should be blamed, not the migrants who are simply doing what people have always done when facing economic adversity. By providing inadvertent cover for the ruling elite’s business interests, the Left risks a significant existential crisis, as more and more ordinary people defect to far-right parties. At this moment of crisis, the stakes are too high to keep getting it wrong.

Here she is making the case in video form 


A similar argument was recently advanced by HRC in the context of Europe

Her arguments and choice(s) of venue have prompted a rather large response from others “on the left” producing a pretty good/useful back and forth for anyone looking to cut cards about the morality of immigration restrictions or debating open borders.


Here is a sampling of some of the follow up articles

The Case against “the case against open borders” 

The Anarchist Case against Borders 

The Left Case Against Going on Tucker Carlson’s Racist Show to Complain About Open Borders

Attacking Migrants Does Not Help Labor: A reply to Nagle

There is no Left Case for Nationalism 

How to rethink our borders-Why some activists think it’s time for fully open borders.


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