Semester Review: Liberal Arts and Sciences EU wins Harvard

Liberal Arts and Sciences Jackson Eckel & Roman Ugarte won the Harvard Invitational tournament over President’s Day weekend, defeating Brooklyn Tech Dashiell Advincula & Solenne Wolfe on a 2-1 decision in the final round.  Brooklyn Tech AW had advanced over Walter Payton Kieran Lawless & Anagha Aneesh in the semifinals.  LASA EU defeated Whitney Young Taft Hammond & Elias O’Malley in the other semifinal.

The four quarterfinalist teams were Whitney Young MM, Caddo Magnet KL, Bronx Science RT, and Coppell AK.

The tournament’s top speaker was Arnav Kashyam from Coppell (TX).  Rayan Ahmed (Lexington) was the second speaker, followed by Jeremy Margolin (Whitney Young), Sadia Tarin (Brooklyn Tech) and Eugene Toth.

Congratulations to everyone who competed at the 2020 Harvard Invitational and to LASA EU for winning the tournament.

***We’ll continue posting this semester tournament results.  Please email us with a picture if you have a tournament you’d like us to report on.

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