HSI Podcast 114: Perm Mutations

On this episode I’m joined by John Turner, director of debate at Dartmouth College, and we go against type by giving tips for the permutation vs kritiks.


-is the perm a thing? Should it be?  How should the 2AC go about making a solid/quality permutation

-how to use CX to help

-how does the strength/breadth of the link affect your perm strategy

-how do you use other arguments to help your permutation ? the hammer and anvil

-how to use neg tricks like “we dont link to your offense, we repurpose x” to your advantage

-we then go through some examples of link/perm arguments about the arms control K

-what does it mean to defend your 1AC vs links-the affirmative should have a holistic description of what the 1AC did and why, is arms control a step on the way to disarmament and how would we know?

-why and how the aff should generate offense vs narrow and self serving neg FW interps they use to exclude the perm

-why its dangerous to import policy language like disad and uniqueness when reading a K

-turner says some nonsense about why there should be perms in a method debate

-How to use explanation to defeat anti perm tropes with the “footnote” argument as an example

-why you shouldn’t play it safe when making offensive arguments


You can download the podcast here


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