HSI Podcast 108-Jeopardy kinda

On this episode of the podcast I’m joined once again by Malcolm Gordon debate coach at the Meadows school. We tried to do a more organized question format but that quickly collapsed. Topics covered include


-how do i write a better 1AC

-how do i beat the perm/defensive realism when reading an IR k
-how can i explain the alt in cx so that policy leaning judges don’t think its nonsense

-how do i beat the impeachment politics disad
-how do I cx about 1NC shells  -how do i come up with a policy neg strat vs taiwan
-what are some ways i can improve my ethos



Yes I know that list is formatted incorrectly, I just spent 20 minutes trying to fix it and can not figure out why it looks that way.


You can stream or download the podcast here 

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