Montgomery Bell Academy (TN) wins the 2019 St. Mark’s Tournament!


Congratulations to Montgomery Bell Academy (TN) Aden Barton and Sam Meacham on winning the 2019 Heart of Texas at the St. Mark’s School.  Aden and Sam advanced through the tournament undefeated, ultimately defeating Washburn Rural (KS) Kessler and Peter in the final round.

Washburn Rural KP advanced to the finals, defeating Dallas Jesuit (TX) Nagorzanski and Hall in the semifinals.
The other semifinal saw Montgomery Bell (TN) BM advance over Westwood (TX) Burugu and Shi.
The other Quarterfinalists included: Carrollton School of Sacred Heart (FL) CG, McQueen (NV) LR, Coppell (TX) DR, and Westminster (GA) SB.
Aden Barton (MBA) was the tournament’s top speaker, which marked the third consecutive year he is the top speaker at the Heart of Texas. He was followed by Ethan Muse (Highland Park) in second,  Grace Kessler (Washburn Rural) in third, Raina Peter (Washburn Rural) in fourth,  and Daniel Shi (Westwood) rounding out the top five.
Congratulations to all participating teams at the 2019 Heart of Texas.

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