HSI Podcast 107- Crack an Ag

On this episode of the pod I am joined by Josh Clark… wait… reads cue card again… no that’s what it says, I’m joined by Josh Clark who is an Americana music enthusiast and part time chaperone for Montgomery Bell Academy.

We start off by talking about how to research aff specific k answers (with a focus on Taiwan)

-finding aff specific fw args

-defending your reps/adv and how to do that

-to extinction or not in the 1AC?

-the generic anti K checklist- yay or boo

Then we talk about nonsense plans and how to deal with them. Dear bad judges- stop it. That’s a bad judge. BAD!

Then we talk about how to prepare to be neg vs a small aff and how to think strategically about turning the “strength” of an argument into a weakness.

We end by talking about a reader question about where is “the line” on what is an acceptable impact turn.


You can download the podcast here

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