Coaches Poll: Greenhill AE is Unanimous #1

Congratulations to Greenhill Samar Ahmad and Chris Eckert for claiming the #1 slot in the latest National Coaches Poll.  Ahmad and Eckert have won three consecutive octafinals bid tournaments, including the Glenbrooks, Blake and the Southern Bell Forum.

Coming in second place was North Broward Prep Giorgio Rabini and Nicholas Mancini, followed by Montgomery Bell Barton and Habermann, Montgomery Bell Bradford and Glen, and Woodward Mahadevan and Robinson.

A few of the big moves in the poll this month included North Star BY’s rise from 20th to 10th, after a final round finish at Blake.  Bellarmine VR also rose from 23rd to 15th after a strong showing at MBA.  And, Peninsula ST moved from 12th to 6th after a semifinals finish at the Southern Bell.

The full poll can be found here.

Congratulations to everyone both appearing in the top 25 and for receiving votes.

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