New Coaches Poll: North Broward MR #1 again

Congratulations to North Broward Giorgio Rabini and Nicholas Mancini for coming in first place in the second coaches poll of the year.  They finished with ten first place votes out of seventeen total and finished in first place for the second consecutive poll.

MBA Barton and Habermann came in second place with five first place votes, followed by Woodward MR and MBA BG both finishing with one first place vote.

Greenhill AE made their debut in the poll at fifth, after semifinal and finals finishes at St. Marks and Meadows. Three other big leaps in the second poll are Northside OP, North Star BY and McQueen RR who came in ranked at 11th, 12th and 13th.  Northside is coming off of a quaterfinals finish at Michigan, North Star won the Bronx tournament, and McQueen just finished with wins at Meadows, and the USC RR(the latter will count for the next poll).

New Trier also finishes with two teams in the top ten, with EK at 6th and AK at 10th.

You can see the poll in its entirity here.

Congratulations to everyone who finished with votes and thank you to all the coaches that submitted polls.

Please contact us if your coach would like to participate in the November edition.

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