Michigan Camp Food Guide

The Best

Frita Batidos– Dollar for dollar the best food in Ann Arbor. I suggest a cuban sandwich and Mango (or lime) Batido (which is like in between a smoothie and a milkshake)

No Thai– This has been a staff favorite for years/is generally what people “crave” when they return to A2

Zingermans Deli– Very expensive for a sandwich place but has very good ingredients/deserts

BTB– Burrito Place/better than chipotle , decent Queso (yellow)

Maize and Blue Deli– more reasonably priced sandwiches

BDs Mongolian BBQ– basically a “make your own stir fry” restaurant. if people tell you they don’t like it/its bad remember- they make their own dish so they probably are bad


The Good

Pizza House– perhaps the most iconic camp restaurant. They have a bit of everything so going with a big group where people have conditions is easy. Suggested items: fries and queso, cinna sticks, chicken fingers

Red Hawk– Very good “bar” food, decent cuban

Hop Cat– less overall good bar food, but they have “crack fries” which are french fries with a special pepper seasoning that come with queso to dip them in

South U Pizza– The best pizza (esp by the slice) in the area

NYPD– The 2nd best pizza in the area

Beli Deli– a Whit W WRongmore pic- not a fan but everyone else seems to like it

Sadako– sushi

Slurping Turtle– Ramen


Think I missed a place? Let us know in the comments

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