HSI Podcast 79-Making the Gamework

In this episode I’m joined by Kevin Hirn and the notorious DML who are both debate coaches at the University of Michigan. We tackle a lot of backfile questions regarding framework vs kritik args on both the aff and neg.


We start off with Dustin talking about T/FW on the neg including

-how to construct a 1NC-what should go in there? How much evidence should you read?

-how do you explain your impacts and frame the round?

-how to respond to some common aff objections


Then Kevin talks about how to defend your aff vs neg K tricks that attempt to “moot” parts of your 1AC/rig impact comparison.  We cover

-why/when you actually need a FW argument

-how to explain why self-serving FW/ROB are bad

-how to allocate time/prioritize arguments in rebuttals


Dustin was kind enough to put together a few docs with evidence that is better than what HS students are reading in 99% of debates o make sure you check them out.

pod fw stuff

pod k stuff


You can stream or download the podcast here



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