North Broward RM wins Blake; Rabbini Top Speaker

Congratulations to North Broward Giorgio Rabbini and Nicholas Mancini for winning the John Edie Holiday Debates, hosted by The Blake School.  The competition  was fierce, but MR went through the tournament unscathed.  They did not lose a ballot on the way to winning the championship.  They defeated Monta Vista Rafael Pierry and Dhruv Sudesh in the final round.  The other two semi-finalists were Greenhill Christopher Eckert and Samuel Grimsley and Stuyvesant Isaac Segal and David Doktorman.

The remaing quarterfinalists include Washburn DK, Greenhill AK, South Eugene SL and Peninsula JK.

Broward’s Giorgio Rabbini was top speaker of the tournament with 147.2 points after dropping high/low.  That’s an average of 29.44.  He was followed by Henry Lininger from South Eugene.  David Doktorma (Stuyvesant), Nina Fridman (GBN) and Leo Saenger (South Eugene) rounded out the top 5.

This was the last tournament of the first semester.  Congratulations to all of Blake’s competitors and all debaters on finishing the first semester of debate.



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