Help For Future Posts

I want to consult to debate weirwood net to get some material for a few upcoming posts, so if you have any helpful suggestions please message umhsimpact at gmail or the FB page .


File Distribution and Organization

How does your team do it and how does it work? I’m not really sure the bet way to share this kind of info/example whether it be written description or screen caps of explorer windows or what, but basically I want to get at what are the best ways to organize and distribute files between email, dropbox etc. Does each team handle their own? Does one person update a master file or is each debater supposed to highlight updates and manage their own master file? How do you organize your individual files- are huge affs in one doc or broken up, if so how etc. etc.


Card Cutting and Research

Any tips/tricks/tools for this. Haven’t done a real post on this in a while, so if you have chrome add ons for citations or ways to get articles you don’t have access too (like libgen or scihub) etc etc- let me know these or any other research advice (including tech/office set ups)


Academic Takedowns

Basically I am looking for articles that attack/wreck some other article, bonus points if there is a multi part back and forth, and double bonus points if it is about debate (like the old international fiat war). Also bonus points for: line by line strength in responses, relevance to current debate, and savageness of ad homs.


So if you have anything you think is cool on those topics please let me know by email (umhsimpact at gmail) , FB, comment here, glass candle etc.


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