New Trinitycast

In this episode the pod gets taken over by the coaching staff of Trinity University:

Dr. Will Mosley-Jensen, a man with whom I once had the following post round conversation
me: you read a K aff
him: yep
me: which you then kicked in the 2AC to straight impact turn federalism
him:….yea, that’s how you debate

And Collin Roark- a man who at any other school would be the “impact turn guy” but with WMJ gets stuck doing the aff and Fem IR

In other words- my kind of people.

In this pod they go in depth on how to prep for end of year tournaments like the NDT/TOC, what it’s like debating in college .

All of their advice is gold (except for when they talk about the airlines aff being good…)


You can stream or download the episode here 


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