Random Cool Stuff


This is just a collection of things I’ve learned recently that are awesome/people should know about.


Make Safari Read to you


I had to bring my computer in to the tech team at school and was mocked for having 237 chrome tabs open to various articles I “plan” to read but will probably never get around to. That’s when I learned about this . Basically a ton of these articles I get from social media like FB (which if you don’t do, you are missing out- friend/follow authors /activists who write about arguments that matter to you and you can get a lot of good stuff), then I share the article to chrome and read it… later… sometimes. What that link above will show you how to do is get Safari to read the article out loud to you- you can pick the voice, rate etc. So now when you are on a bus, walking the dog etc. you basically have unlimited access to free books on tape. Here are some articles to get you started 



Some new youtube channels


Verso– publisher of many K books

Game Theorists– cool philosophy and video games

Film Theorists– same

Nerdwriter- similar





I was going to list some but in looking for the links I found this which had the 3 I wanted to mention as well as a bunch more




I’ve mentioned before that table totes are garbage and you should get something else . Well here is the new cool one, the main advantage being its very thin when folded up and fits in luggage.


Also random, these timers are pretty cheap/good


If you have a hard time sitting still while doing work like I do, this is also pretty awesome 


Email Chain tips

  1. Make an email account just for debate- reduces clutter, prevents storage issues etc
  2. Make this email something simple- no random numbers/letters, for example “SPdebateemail”
  3. TURN OF THE DELAY FEATURE! the thing in google that delays your email for 30 seconds before sending it. Turn that off. Like right now.
  4. Set this up 5 mn before the round starts, not 10 mn after the start time








One response to “Random Cool Stuff

  1. Search Everything is also awesome! Only took me 5 minutes to set up and its been really effective

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