TOC Update: 12 bids left from 4 tournaments

If you’re wondering if there are any qualifying tournaments for the TOC left, there are!

As Kurt reported a few days ago, 71 teams are now fully qualified for this year’s Tournament of Champions in Lexington, Kentucky.

Those that wish to attend, but have only one bid have four more opportunities:

February 24, 2017  Heritage Hall (OK)–2 bids (finals bid)

February 24, 2017  Iowa City West (IA)–2 bids (finals bid)

March 3, 2017  Lakeland (NY)–4 bids (semis bid)

March 10, 2017 University of Georgia (GA) — 4 bids (semis bid)

There’s also the at-large system that can get some of the teams that have better resumes into the tournament with one qualifying bid.

If you’re bid hunting, then good luck in your endeavor!

*** Do remember that one tournament doesn’t define your season.  Remember all of your hard work and individual successes from the year, big or small.  They should be celebrated.


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