HSI Podcast 64

We are back with some hard hitting policy content. In this episode of the pod I am joined by James Henry Giroux Herndon the 3rd, director of debate at Emory University. The topics/questions we address are

-Going for fairness/impacting/explaining it well
-how important is it to refute the case when going for FW
-on the HS topic i get a lot of judges who don’t like K’s, nor do they like generic plan inclusive CPs, given the topic is so large and people read terrible affs for one tournament, what do they expect me to do
-what is the status of the politics “disad” going forward?
-how do I find/hire coaching for end of year tournaments?
-how do I answer K (or k aff) arguments when i legit do not understand what the other team is saying
-what do I do when the other team reads an identity/personal aff and they say i’m wrong/my arguments are invalid



You can stream or download the podcast here 


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