CPS RR Results


The CPS RR is unique in that rather than a traditional final round, the finalists engage in a public debate in front of experts in the field. As such there is no “winner”. This year the co-champions were CPS KM(with 9 ballots) and Peninsula TW(7 ballots). In Semis Peninsula defeated SVDP HP (7 ballots) on a 3-0 and CPS KM defeated MBA GJ (7 ballots) on a 2-1.

In pod 2 there was a three way tie for first at the end of prelims between Peninsula, MBA GJ and South Eugene…all had 7 ballots…the tie was broken on Head to Heads resulting in Peninsula finishing first, MBA finishing second and South Eugene finishing 3rd.
1st–Henry Lininger
2nd–Julia Hunter
3rd–Ryan James
4th–Ruby Klein
5th–Nishad Neelakandan
The final round panel was Michael Beckley of Tufts University (CPS Debate Alum!), Greg Kulacki of the Union of Concerned Scientists and Mike Parman an investment banker and former analyst of the US Department of Commerce with extensive previous work history in Beijing.

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