MBA KR wins 2017 Barkley Forum Tournament; Nishad Neelakandan Top Speaker

The Barkley Forum has ended and the tournament was fantastic as always.  The community building measures of the Key Coaches society and unique awards ceremony are constants for the tournament hosted by Emory University.  The competition was fierce, but a good time was had by all.

Congratulations to Montgomery Bell Academy’s (TN) Andrew Kaplan and Ben Rosenthal, as well as Tripp Haskins and Max Abramson  of Woodward Academy (GA) for being finalists at the 2017 Barkley Forum. The final round pitted the #1 and #2 seeds of the tournament, with neither team losing a preliminary or ballot in elims prior to the final round.  The final round of the Barkley Forum is unique in that it’s judged by 23 Key Coaches, which is an order like the Hall of Fame in athletic programs.  The final round was decided on a 17-6 decision for the Affirmative team from MBA.  Congratulations to both teams for special performances at this year’s tournament.

The other two Semifinalists were Peninsula TW (CA) and Glenbrook North FM (IL), who were the tournament’s 3rd and 4th seeds.  The other four Quarterfinalists were College Prep HR (CA), Montgomery Bell Academy GJ (TN), Montgomery Bell Academy CJ (TN), and New Trier BW (IL).

In the speaker award department, Nishad Neelakandan from McDonogh (MD) was top speaker, with his debate partner Ryan James taking home the 5th place award.  Juliette Jung and Christina Jung from Little Rock Central (AR) were the 2nd and 3rd speakers, while Jerry Wang from Peninsula came in 4th.

The full list of Tournament of Champions bid teams from the tournament is below and we’ll add the full speaker list when it becomes available:

Full (Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart DP) De la Guardia &Pujol Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FL
Full (Glenbrook North FM) Fridman&Mnushkin Glenbrook North IL
Full (Jesuit Prep LR) LoRocco& Ruiz Jesuit Prep TX
Full (Kinkaid BR) Bajwa& Richey Kinkaid TX
Full (New Trier BW) Buckman&Warshauer New Trier IL
Full (Peninsula TW) Tambe& Wang Peninsula CA
Full (Stuyvesant SD) Segal &Doktorman Stuyvesant NY
Full (Woodward AH) Abramson & Haskins Woodward GA
Full (Baltimore City EY) Edwards &Yeargin Baltimore City College MD
Full (Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart GB) Garcia-Mendoza &Boulos Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart FL
Full (College Prep HR) Harper &Raees Prep CA
Full (McDonogh JN) James &Neelakandan McDonogh MD
Full (Montgomery Bell BH) Barton &Habermann Montgomery Bell TN
Full (Montgomery Bell CJ) Cooper & Jablonski Montgomery Bell TN
Full (Montgomery Bell GJ) Glen & Jameson Montgomery Bell TN
Full (Montgomery Bell KR) Kaplan & Rosenthal Montgomery Bell TN
Ghost Bid (Glenbrook North BK) Ben-Isvy&Kussman Glenbrook North IL

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