New Speech Doc Sharing Site

Posted on Ceda forums there is a new way to not delay the round for 5 hours over your email trouble!

From Yunyu:

Like many of you, I’ve used PocketBox to share speech docs. I love the concept, but there are certain issues with the implementation that could be improved. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a room-based sharing system for speech docs where you sign up for a room, give out the room code, and share documents instantly.
I wrote as a side project that resolves these issues. Here are the main advantages it has over PocketBox:
•   Retains filenames, doesn’t add underscores or anything, supports special characters
•   Supports drag-and-drop – no need to navigate to your folder every time
•   Automatically refreshes documents – no need to reload the browser.
•   Better UI for joining rooms and dealing with invalid codes (just type in the box)
•   No ambiguous characters in room codes (e.g. I/l, O/0, etc…)
•   Fully responsive, looks great when snapped to the side or on mobile devices
•   Loads more quickly (the frontend is far more lightweight, ~20% of the page size)
•   More secure, uses HTTPS
•   Has fancy, useful animations!
I would appreciate it if you could try this out, and am grateful for any feedback!


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