LD Podcast 5, but Ordinal 1

We are back, recording at the crack of noon so Fink is extra grumpy. Topics include
-Ordinal prefs -good? bad?
-how to answer the hate speech pic(the disad or K version)-is counter speech effective?
-What is constitutionally protected? Does it matter? probs not…
-Are plans or PICS bad the best response to dominant neg strategies?
-Are norms bad?
-When facing the cap K should the aff link turn (censorship is bad for anti-capitalist movements) or impact turn (cap k2 space)
-What are debates going to look like at the TOC-where will teams innovate and why?
-Scott switches sides and defends Phil debate against Fink’s weak sauce
-How should affirmatives address/attack K alternatives and the assertion that they solve the case


You can stream or download the podcast here




Last chance for name submissions- I am pretty sure there is someone out there more clever than Fink so give us a good name


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