HSI Podcast 63

Well this podcast took a while coming to market. I was having trouble eliminating a repetitive clanking noise till I realized it was the sound of Malgor lifting weights as we recorded. All I had to do was download the program bro-tastic audio editing and it seems to have fixed most of it.

In this edition of the podcast we tackle some tough K questions, and by tackle I mean I ask them and Malcolm dodges the issue like the dirty K debater he is at heart.

Some of the issues we discuss are
-how do K alternatives really function and how should they be explained
-why framing arguments are more than just “fiat isn’t real!” and why its important to stress other aspects of your K to help you win the alternative
-Why policy judges secretly love cheating
-The difference between “negative” action alternatives and proactive alternatives


You can stream or download the podcast here 


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