LD Podcast 3

We are back, which is a triggering word for Fink. Recorded before break we tackle some reader questions that came up prior to the first tournaments on the topic (Blake/CPS) including:

-what are the bet ways to package/explain kritik alternatives for LD judges
-do judges pay attention? If they don’t look at cards whats the point of reading good ones?
-how to counter nonsense argument with well reasoned analytics
-why its important to set goals/how they help you get better
-why its important to have argument diversity to achieve top level success
-is there a better strategy vs phil than util? (spoiler alert- no)
-are judge prefs important? Fink says yes
-is “must specify a standard/role of the ballot” the worst argument in debate? or just the worst argument?
-Why you should open source and retire your silly “small school” nonsense


You can stream or download the episode here


Here are some relevant backfiles to topics in this podcast:



The Cap K vs K Affs 

Answering the Neolib K 





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