LD Podcast 2

We are back with more hard hitting hot takes on the wild world of LD debate. After extensive feedback indicating Fink was not grumpy enough on the first podcast we have adjusted the grump level (and Scott’s mic) to please our legions of fans.


We also got a lot of feedback about how unreasonable it was for us to link articles and expect people to read them- so we will now be including a card packet with every podcast of the arguments we discuss.


You can stream or download the podcast here, or subscribe on Itunes and like HSI on facebook 

In this episode we tackle reader questions like
-what on earth is this topic?
-is taking prep for flashing mean
-should people be able to request an edited speech doc constantly
-why you should get a PC or use windows
-we introduce a new segment on over/unders
-Fink goes HAM on a Phil FW
-Phillips discusses answering racial pessimism
-Fink tells a war story about him being a complainer
-Fink gives a closing rant on topics and the topic process


We got about 300 downloads of the first podcast but are shooting for more if we are going to continue doing this. So if you like the podcast please share it widely and keep sending Fink questions.


Disagree with one of our takes? If you are a hardcore Phil or Tricks person and would like to refute our take please contact us and we can make it happen.


Here is the evidence packet from this podcast ld-podcast-2-evidence


2 responses to “LD Podcast 2

  1. Please don’t include a card packet- that won’t help anything with regards to poor understanding of evidence/cards/authors- your link to article system worked just fine and actually forces people to read/engage/develop understanding of the lit/authors/arguments. Reading is pretty much the only way to avoid your complaints in podcast 1 about people reading random high theory K back files they don’t understand.

    • Keep in mind that these podcasts are more targeted towards lone wolves who ideally, yes, should be cutting and reading their own prep, but when they go up against large schools, they do not have access to the same resources and arguments on demand.

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