Westminster Results: St. Marks VW Wins

St. Marks’ Vallejo and Wilson have won the first new Westminster tournament by defeating Woodward AH in the finals on a 3-0 decision.  St. Marks entered the outrounds as the 10 seed and defeated Marist AV, MBA BH and Carrolton DP to advance to the final round.  Westminster DH was the other semifinalist team, but was unable to compete in the semifinals and bowed out to AH.

On a side note, the reason we don’t have a picture of the tournament champions is because Harris dropped the trophy while going through security.  Trophy or no trophy, it was an impressive weekend for St. Marks.

The teams receiving TOC bids were Woodward AH and St. Marks V(W.

MBA’s Jablonski was top speaker, followed by Cooper and Barton.  I’ll update with a full speaker point list once it become available)

Congratulations to St. Marks VW and all teams appearing in the outrounds!


One response to “Westminster Results: St. Marks VW Wins

  1. While William the Westminster Wildcat did indeed fall and suffer a near-devastating head injury, he was rushed to the emergency room, where the skilled surgeons performed a miraculous operation and managed to stitch his head back on. He’s now in recovery, but it looks like he’s going to make it. Keep William in your thoughts and prayers.

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