Michigan Round Robin: McDonogh Wins Seniors RR

The week in Ann Arbor kicked off with the University of Michigan Seniors and Juniors Round Robins.  McDonogh’s James and Neelakandan won the Seniors Round Robin, going 6-1.  They also finished as the Seniors Round Robin top speakers, with James as #1 and Neelakandan #2. Whitney Young’s Robinson was #3 and Baltimore City’s Edwards and Yeargin were #4 and #5.

Calhoun BK took second place with four ballots, while Edina RW and Lexington ZR took 3rd and 4th places, also with four ballots.  Having 2nd-4th places determined by tie breakers shows how competitive the tournament was for everyone involved.

In the Juniors Round Robin, MBA’s Barton and Jablonski were first place, followed by North Broward MR in second place and Lexington GL in third.  The speaker point list included: Barton #1, Jablonski #2, Rabbini #3, Lu #4 and Mancini#5.

Congratulations to all the participants!



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