Greenhill TOC Bids; Quarter-finalists

Congratulations to the following teams for earning a TOC bid at the 2016 Greenhill Invitational:

TOC Qualifying Bids in Policy Debate

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Full (College Prep KM) Klein & Miller-Schai College Prep CA
Full (Glenbrook North JL) Jacobs & Levin Glenbrook North IL
Full (Highland Park (Dallas) CM) Cerny & Muse Highland Park (Dallas) TX
Full (Liberal Arts and Science MS) Marriott-Voss & Serrins Liberal Arts and Science TX
Full (McDonogh NJ) Neelakandan & James McDonogh MD
Full (Montgomery Bell GJ) Glen & Jameson Montgomery Bell TN
Full (St. Mark’s School of Texas WW) Wilson & Wang St. Mark’s School of Texas TX
Full (Woodward AH) Abramson & Haskins Woodward GA
Full (Hendrickson PW) Puentes_Amaran & Wilson Hendrickson TX
Full (Meadows BN) Bates & Najmi Meadows NV
Full (Montgomery Bell BH) Barton & Habermann Montgomery Bell TN
Full (Montgomery Bell KR) Kaplan & Rosenthal Montgomery Bell TN
Full (New Trier BW) Buckman & Warshauer New Trier IL
Full (Peninsula TW) Tambe & Wang Peninsula CA
Full (St. Vincent De Paul BH) Birkenstock & Hunter St. Vincent De Paul CA
Full (Westminster Schools-Atlanta HB) Hall & Brannen Westminster Schools-Atlanta GA


The teams advancing to the quarters tomorrow include:

New Trier BW
Buckman & Warshauer
Peninsula TW
Tambe & Wang
Montgomery Bell BH
Barton & Habermann
College Prep KM
Klein & Miller-Schai
St. Vincent De Paul BH
Birkenstock & Hunter
Montgomery Bell KR
Kaplan & Rosenthal
Montgomery Bell GJ
Glen & Jameson
Glenbrook North JL
Jacobs & Levin




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