Michigan Camp Lectures 1: Chinese Economy & Disads on the Topic

Debate camp at the University of Michigan kicked off this week and we have the first of a series of recorded lectures available for the viewing public. These lectures were recorded in the Ross School of Business and feature a split screen of the lecturer and their lecture slides for easy viewing.


umich lecture


This video is 2 lectures with a brief break in between. The first lecture is by Michigan debate coach and Spanos expert Kevin Hirn. His lecture focuses on all the information you will need to debate the Chinese economy this year.


The second lecture is by Collin Roark, debate coach at Trinity Univeristy, and discusses common disadvantages on the topic and why T QPQ will be essential for the negative to preserve their disad ground (golf clap).


Kevin’s Lecture starts right at the beginning of the video. Collin’s starts at about 1:15.35 if you want to fast forward through the down time.


The lectures are located here



You can also find notes from other lectures on the camp website here


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