China resources from the NDCA

The NDCA Novice packet has begun to be released

The TPP aff and case neg, a T violation and answers and one DA (Chinese politics) and answers are now available for free download!

Go to:
–>debate curriculum
–>new curriculum
Two more affs, two more case negs, 2 more T violations, 1 CP and 1K will also eventually be released, along with some matching curricular materials.
Huge thanks to Jason Russell for working so hard on the evidence set. He did a great job.
And Tara Tate has begun compiling a dropbox of matrerials for teaching about the china topic
Courtesy of some time, my lack of expertise on China, and a summer curriculum project through Glenbrook, I have created a Dropbox of curriculum materials on the new China topic for any teacher that is.  A lot of the materials are for the purpose of providing background material on China/US foreign policy.  This was primarily designed for my novice class (we are in the midst of our China unit now) that has both policy and non-policy debaters in it.  In the Dropbox link below, you will find materials others have contributed (thank you!) plus an internal folder with my plans.  I have a day-to-day lesson plan guide that includes activities, an in-class mini debate plus a “silent debate”, a formative assessment – this guide is still a work in progress. This entire Dropbox is a collaboration – please feel free to add materials as well.  The more, the better!

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