K in the Real World

A recent episode of “Left, Right and Center” contained an interesting discussion of surveillance and recent terror attacks. You can find the episode here 


Tuesday’s terrorist attack in Brussels killed at least 31 people. What is the appropriate response from the international community? Steve Clemonsrecalls arriving to the Brussels airport terminal minutes after bombs went off. Robert Scheer calls for more “old-fashioned” police work from the international community. Republican strategistLeslie Sanchez says Ted Cruz’s call to “patrol and secure” Muslim neighborhoods in America is merely “identity politics used for a political standpoint.” What is the significance of Obama’s trip to Cuba? Should we expect this opening to change Cuban society?

Josh Barro (Business Insider) moderates from the Center. Robert Scheer(TruthDig.com / KCRW’s Scheer Intelligence). Leslie Sanchez (GOP Strategist) is on the Right. Steve Clemons (The Atlantic) is our Special Guest.


In the debate the “left” Robert Scheer repeatedly makes a string of basically root cause/epistemology args against his opponents related to issues of terrorism and security. They respond with pretty policy debate-esque args. Its an interesting discussion that gets at the issues of many HS FW debates vs a k arg like security- how relevant are these points to the process of policy making? You decide.


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