TOC At Large Applications

A lot of people always have questions about the at large application process, so I thought I would consolidate a few short tips in one place


1. Google doc- can be found here of teams who can apply for an at large


2. Make sure you fill out your records in detail- dont forget things, be organized about it. One of the most important criteria for voters is your record vs teams who will be at the TOC so it doesn’t matter if you beat someone round 1 of a local, if they are going to the TOC you want to make sure you include that ( or if they are your rival for an at large slot). Make sure you list all your big wins.


3. Make sure you get them in on time. Just bang it out early and you won’t have to constantly worry about it. Due dates are coming up soon



This year a ton of teams have fully qualified (though some of those won’t attend) so its going to be a brutal competition for at large applicants. Good luck to all!


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