Podcast explaining Apple Vs FBI

Since its pretty much inevitable people will be reading new affs about this brouhaha you might want to familiarize yourself with whats going on between Apple and the FBI.


This KCRW To the Point podcast breaks it all down for you with experts arguing both sides of the issue


The FBI demands that Apple provide access to a dead terrorist Syed Farook’s iPhone, which might contain evidence in December’s deadly attack in San Bernardino. But Apple says the privacy of every other iPhone user could be lost forever, and it’s challenging the power of government in the Era of Smart Phones. Complicating the issue, the FBI is using a law passed about the time that Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. We update the case in more ways than one.

Kim Zetter, Wired Magazine (@KimZetter)
Christopher Soghoian, ACLU Speech, Privacy and Technology Project (@csoghoian)
Susan Hennessey, Brookings Institution / Lawfare (@Susan_Hennessey)
Robert Levine, journalist and author (@RobertBLevine_)


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