Elections Updates

From a recent Intercept article 

Meet the Candidates for Congress Running Against the Surveillance State

A number of congressional candidates are making their opposition to the growing surveillance state a part of their primary campaigns.

In Orange County, Calif., Garden Grove Mayor Bao Nguyen is running in the Democratic primary for the open congressional seat vacated by Democrat Rep. Loretta Sanchez.

“My dad was surveilled back when he was in Vietnam,” says Nguyen, whose family escaped the Vietnam War as refugees. Speaking to The Intercept, Nguyen adds that he opposes “having programs that give the government a path to spy on us.”

Alex Law is a young populist candidate challenging Rep. Donald Norcross, D-N.J., in the Democratic primary. When asked why he’s running, he quickly points out that his opponent voted against efforts last year to reform the National Security Agency’s metadata surveillance program. Law notes that Norcross, who voted with Republicans on a range of issues including the Keystone XL pipeline, is part of the New Jersey political establishment. Law says Norcross’ votes against even fairly minor changes to the NSA emboldened him to run.




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