Rowland Hall and SVDP win the 2016 California Round Robin

Congratulations to Rowland Hall’s Jaden Lessnick and Emily Gordon and St. Vincent De Paul’s Julian Hunter and Adam Martin for being the co-champions of the 2016 California Round Robin.  In a very stacked field, Rowland Hall won 11 out of a possible 12 ballots, while St. Vincent followed with 10.  The next two placing teams were College Prep JM and Notrde Dame CP with 9 ballots.

Jaden Lessnick won the top speaker award and his partner Emily Gordon was second place.  Ryan Powell of Notre Dame was third, Adam Martin of SVDP was fourth and Abbie Booker of East Kentwood was fifth.

In one of the most stacked round robins in recent memory, congratulations to Rowland Hall, SVDP and the entire field of participants.


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