TOC Bids- 2/9 or not 2/9, that is the question

Lots of new comers to the bidsheet this week, which is great news going into a weekend with a massive amount of bids available and 53 teams on the cusp of qualifying.

The following tournaments are included in this week’s count: Alta, ASU, Barkley Forum, Bingham, Blake, Bronx, Capitol, Caucus, Chattahoochee, Colleyville, Dowling, Fullerton, Georgia, Georgetown, Glenbrooks, Au Desert, Gonzaga, Grapevine, Greenhill, Heritage Hall, Houston, KCKCC, La Costa Canyon, Lexington, Meadows, Michigan, MBA. Long Beach, New Trier, Niles, Notre Dame, Ohio Valley, Omaha Westside, Pennsburt, Samford, St. Mark’s,  Scranton, Stanford, Texas, Valley, and Wake Forest.



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