Learning about Marxism

Since I babble about the cap K so much a lot of people have asked questions about it , and many of them are pretty straight forward fundamental issues. In order to help people learn more about the argument I decided to compile some articles/videos that I think are useful in learning about, at least the debate, aspects of marxist theory.  I’m not really sure the best way to sort these into different categories so I’m just going to do it in list format. This is by no means comprehensive but I tried to select things that addressed common mistakes debaters make in explanation. I’ll start with videos, for the RSA animate videos there is a longer 40 minute or so version of the lecture you can see (sans drawings).


So how should you use these resources? Well like anything else the more you put into learning the more you will get out of it. So I would suggest

1. Watch or read with no distractions.

2. take notes on paper

3. When you are done use the provided study guide or make a quizlet of key concepts you want to remember

4. Try and work them, in small pieces, into your blocks/arguments that you make in debates.

5. If there are articles or videos you like look for similar ones and keep going.
This isn’t really a set of things you should cut cards from, you could but they wouldn’t be the best debate cards. Instead think of it as necessary background material for your debate career. Lets say you are a first or second year debater, you may have 5-6 more years of debate ahead of you. Putting in a lot of time now may seem like a chore, but if you have a generic you can explain and debate well it will reap dividends throughout your career. The Cap K isn’t going anywhere- trust me.




Introduction to Neoliberalism 

An introduction to historical materialism – part one

An introduction to historical materialism – part two

What is historical materialism? – A study guide with questions, extracts and suggested reading

What is dialectical materialism? – A study guide with questions, extracts and suggested reading

Civilization, Barbarism and the Marxist view of History

Marx vs Keynes: Where Does Economic Growth Come From?




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