Coaches Poll Top 25; Blake and Little Rock tied #1

Congratulations to all teams receiving votes in the second installment of the coaches poll for the 2015-16 season, and special congratulations to Blake and Little Rock for being ranked #1.

November 14th, 2015 National Top 25 High School Debate Coaches Poll:
1 Blake SW (9) 24.33
— Little Rock Central WW (4) 24.33
3 Glenbrook North JT 21.07
4 Westminster CK 20.31
5 Glenbrook South RS 19.83
6 Rowland Hall LG 19.75
7 Notre Dame CP 18.38
8 Peninsula TW 16.83
9 Highland Park BD 14.46
10 SF Austin EO 12.92
11 Homewood Flossmoor HL 11.69*
12 Niles West GG 11.58
13 St. Vincent De Paul MH 11.54
14 St. Marks KP 11.25
15 Law Magnet 9.31
16 La Costa MY 8.92
17 Juan Diego AB 7.23
18 UC Lab CR 6.54
— Westminster DH 6.54
20 Montgomery Bell CJ 6.5
21 East Kentwood BO 5.92
22 McDonogh JN 5.08
23 Pace FM 4.33
24 Kinkaid BY 4.15
25 Montgomery Bell RK 3.92

*Apologies to HoFlo for listing the wrong initials originally
Others Receiving Votes: Edgemont JM, Glenbrook South AC, Walter Payton BC, Broad Run DS, Blake NW, New Trier BK, Liberal Arts CM, Pitt Central Catholic WW, Carrolton Sacred Heart CP, Greenhill KS, Whitney Young BF, Kinkaid RR, Baltimore City College DI, Glenbrook North CR, Liberal Arts MS, Millard North HK, Iowa City West TR, Glenbrook North BL, Walter Payton LM, Iowa City WZ, Shawnee Mission DM
Participating Coaches: Daryl Burch – McDonogh, Capital Debate (MD), Josh Clark – Montgomery Bell Academy (TN), Cade Cottrell – Green Valley (NV), Chris Flowers – Cabbot (AR), Eric Forslund – The Greenhill School (TX), Shunta Jordan – Pace Academy (GA), Eric Oddo – Niles West (IL), Jason Peterson – St. Mark’s (TX), Michael Shackelford – Rowland Hall St. Marks (UT), Shane Stafford – Blake (MN), Rosie Valdez – Little Rock Central (AR), Jon Voss – Glenbrook South (IL), Scott Wheeler – Palos Verde Peninsula (CA)

You can find the printable version here: Top 25 11-15


One response to “Coaches Poll Top 25; Blake and Little Rock tied #1

  1. Regrettably that Little Rock Central is not a clear # 1, and that NDame isn’t given more love. And that Polytechinic didn’t even warrant some love here too. This poll is stilted eastside and inherently favors east coast teams and that is a serious bias.

    Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 02:15:45 +0000 To:

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