Bid Count November 9, 2015

The only bid tournaments this weekend were KCKCC and Notre Dame, but the ten teams receiving bids there move the total count of teams fully qualified is at 38, with another 45 just one bid away.

The following tournaments are included in this week’s count: Bronx, Capitol, Caucus, Chattahoochee, Fullerton, Georgetown, Grapevine, Greenhill, KCKCC, Meadows, Michigan, Long Beach, New Trier, Niles, Notre Dame, St. Mark’s, Valley, and Wake Forest. There are no tournaments this weekend, but there are another 16 bids available at the Glenbrooks in just a few weeks.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me last week with the correction to the Law Magnet GJ/GT count, your vigilance is much appreciated. This is going off of the Notre Dame Results as listed on Tabroom, if they’re incorrect I’ll be sure to change them, but it should be noted that this sheet is an unofficial count. That said, any further corrections can be sent to


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