Michigan — Teams Clearing; Three teams are 7-0

Blake SW, NW and East Kentwood BO  finish prelims undefeated.


Round scheduled for Sun, Nov 1, 2015 at 8:00 AM

Alpharetta KK Sachin Kasbhatla & Vaibhav Kumar
Blake NW Nate Nys & Emma Wexler
Blake SW Zahir Shaikh & Allen Wang
Broad Run SD Rahul Soni & Rittwik Dhar
Carrollton Sacred Heart CP Elizabeth Cordoves & Allison Pujol
Chicago Lab Schools CR Alina Cui & Reed Rosenbacher
East Kentwood BO Abbie Booker & Michael Obuchi
Glenbrook North BL Daniel Ben-Isvy & Jason Levin
Glenbrook North JT Jonah Jacobs & Anthony Trufanov
Glenbrook North LM Alana Levin & Ben Mnushkin
Glenbrook South RS Brian Roche & Doug Stryker
Glenbrook South SS Brendan Schuler & Jonah Schloss
Highland Park Senior BD Dan Bannister & Ian Dill
Homewood-Flossmoor LH Carter Levinson & Henry Heligas
Iowa City WZ Joe Weideman & Adam Zabner
Iowa City West TR Kai Trepka & Spencer Roetlin
Lexington SM Zack Schnall & Manu Meel
Little Rock Central WW Darrin Williams & Payton Woods
Maine East H.S. PS Arjun Patel & Ashton Smith
McDonogh JN Ryan James & Nishad Neelakandan
Montgomery Bell CJ John Cooper & Liam Jameson
Montgomery Bell KR Andrew Kaplan & Ben Rosenthal
New Trier BK AJ Byrne & William Kirby
New Trier BW Celia Buckman & Connor Warshauer
Niles West GG Lena Grossman & Faith Geraghty
St. Vincent De Paul MH Adam Martin & Julia Hunter
Traverse City Central CF Kristina Curtiss & Sam Franz
Walter Payton CP BC Lenny Brahin & Luisa Cusick
Westminster Schools CB Katie Carithers & MaryBryce Brannen
Westminster Schools CK Coles Cotter & Alex Kong
Westminster Schools HD Harrison Hall & Anish Dayal
Whitney Young BF Charlie Bazzell & Henry Ferolie

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