2015 Meadows Food Guide

You can see previous guides here


Per request this edition of the Meadows food guide will focus on things close to the school/that are new to Vegas. There is plenty of time in the tournament schedule to hit the strip/get a fine meal if that is your thing though, so don’t forget to go big.


Nittaya’s Secret Kitchen– Extremely close, and pretty good Thai. Is it Lotus? Of course not.

Nanny’s– French bakery/Breakfast place. Very close, good croissants/baked goods . Patisserie Manon is farther away (about 15 mn from school) but has great breakfast and ridiculous baked goods

Casa Don Juan– 3 mns from the school, would be a great place to take a large group at an inconvenient meal time

Windy City Beef N Dogs– This is Alderete’s favorite, ask him about it. A good place for during tournament food pick up.

Echo and Rig– one of the only good upscale places close to the school, if you want a fancy meal but don’t want to take the team to the strip this is a good bet.

Garden Grill– This is a great place if you have diet restrictions in your group – there is one on Rampart so you don’t need to go to the strip

Honey Salt – this is a really close farm to table place that has been popular the past few years



Late Saturday Night- Lots of people leave the tournament late and are looking for food, these places are close/open late


Cantina Laredo– open till 11, almost always empty so if you have 20 kids at 10:30 this is a good bet

 Bj’s– Open till 12, pizoooooki

Roberto’s– open 24 hours… I’m not proud of it

Gordon Biersch– I’m not a fan, but everyone seems to like it. Also open till 11
















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