2015 Chattahoochee Tournament Varsity Team List

Field in Varsity Policy (46 entries)

School Locale Entry Code
Alpharetta High GA/US Cai & Mittal Alpharetta Cai & Mittal
Alpharetta High GA/US Kim & Gokare Alpharetta Kim & Gokare
Alpharetta High GA/US Kumar & Kasbhatla Alpharetta Kumar & Kasbhatla
Alpharetta High GA/US Madhavan & Brooks Alpharetta Madhavan & Brooks
Henry W. Grady GA/US Choi & Watson Henry W. Grady Choi & Watson
Isidore Newman School LA/US Agrawal & Zheng Isidore Newman Agrawal & Zheng
Isidore Newman School LA/US Fitzmorris & Lynch Isidore Newman Fitzmorris & Lynch
Isidore Newman School LA/US Xiang & Whalen Isidore Newman Xiang & Whalen
Johns Creek High School GA/US Ausburn & Wang Johns Creek Ausburn & Wang
Johns Creek High School GA/US Bodea & Weintraub Johns Creek Bodea & Weintraub
Johns Creek High School GA/US Buck & Tang Johns Creek Buck & Tang
Johns Creek High School GA/US Deng & Logan Johns Creek Deng & Logan
Johns Creek High School GA/US Loftus & Regev Johns Creek Loftus & Regev
Johns Creek High School GA/US Mei & Lee Johns Creek Mei & Lee
Johns Creek High School GA/US Sharma & Wadhwani Johns Creek Sharma & Wadhwani
Johns Creek High School GA/US Vasil & Jiang Johns Creek Vasil & Jiang
Marist School GA/US Adair & Vance Marist Adair & Vance
Marist School GA/US Elledge & Zach Marist Elledge & Zach
Milton High School GA/US Flint & Mohapatra Milton Flint & Mohapatra
Milton High School GA/US Hackman & Hoover Milton Hackman & Hoover
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Barton & Habermann Montgomery Bell Barton & Habermann
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Glover & Zhang_’16 Montgomery Bell Glover & Zhang_’16
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Jablonski & Glen Montgomery Bell Jablonski & Glen
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Rosenthal & Kaplan Montgomery Bell Rosenthal & Kaplan
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Young & Zhang Montgomery Bell Young & Zhang
Montgomery Bell Academy TN/US Zhang_’17 & Daniels Montgomery Bell Zhang_’17 & Daniels
Mount Vernon Presbyterian School GA/US Mecke & Mokhemar Mount Vernon Presbyterian Mecke & Mokhemar
Pace Academy GA/US Andra-Thomas & McCaffrey Pace Andra-Thomas & McCaffrey
Pace Academy GA/US Funston & Movsovitz Pace Funston & Movsovitz
Pace Academy GA/US McMillin & Tashma Pace McMillin & Tashma
Paideia School GA/US Harrington & Ulmer Paideia Harrington & Ulmer
Paideia School GA/US Lunsford & Poore Paideia Lunsford & Poore
USN TN/US Babat & Wolfson University School of Nashville Babat & Wolfson
USN TN/US Bradshaw & Gilliland University School of Nashville Bradshaw & Gilliland
USN TN/US Kurupassery & Mei University School of Nashville Kurupassery & Mei
Westlake High School GA/US Shagarabi & Tillman Westlake Shagarabi & Tillman
Westminster Schools GA/US Brannen & Carithers Westminster Schools Brannen & Carithers
Westminster Schools GA/US Daftari & Greene Westminster Schools Daftari & Greene
Wheeler High School GA/US Agee & Pokowitz Wheeler Agee & Pokowitz
Wheeler High School GA/US Azhar & Bellamkonda Wheeler Azhar & Bellamkonda
Wheeler High School GA/US Zhang & Ji Wheeler Zhang & Ji
Woodward Academy GA/US Abdullah & Srinivasan Woodward Abdullah & Srinivasan
Woodward Academy GA/US Abramson & Haskins Woodward Abramson & Haskins
Woodward Academy GA/US Burgess & Powell Woodward Burgess & Powell
Woodward Academy GA/US Cheng & Kennedy Woodward Cheng & Kennedy
Woodward Academy GA/US Essa & Gallups Woodward Essa & Gallups

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