Pace LS wins the NDCA National Championship

The National Debate Coaches Association tournament was won by Pace’s Lewis and Shepard.  They defeated Blake’s Shaikh and Wang on a 3-0 in the final round.  Blake defeated La Salle GH and Pace defeated Rowland Hall KL to advance to the final round.  Blake had gone 6-0 and was the top seed in the prelims, while Pace’s lone loss came to Notre Dame AP.  Pace was negative in the final round and won on a 3-0 decision.

Ryan Powell and his partner Harry Aaronson were the top two speakers. Aakash Pattabi (St. Marks), Luc Walkington (Niles North) and Elliott Kovnick (Rowland Hall) rounded out the top five speakers.

Congratulations to all outround participants and to all those who received speaker awards.

You can see the rest of how the bracket advanced here.

You can see the top speaker list here.

One response to “Pace LS wins the NDCA National Championship

  1. Good for Pace LS, I see them getting to late break rounds at the ToC this year; along with Notre Dame AP and Caddo Magnet CM

    Good thing the round was livestreamed…oh wait, it wasn’t

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