CPS Round Robin Participants

Field in CX Round Robin (14 entries)

School Locale Entry Code
Barstow School MO/US Smith & Rock Barstow SR
College Prep CA/US Ping & Yamasaki College Prep PY
Greenhill School TX/US Daftary & Kuang Greenhill DK
Katy Taylor High School TX/US Alattar & Li Katy Taylor AL
La Costa Canyon HS CA/US Yamout & Goldschlag La Costa Canyon YG
Niles West High School IL/US Charles & Harbeck Niles West CH
Niles West High School IL/US Silber & Geraghty Niles West SG
Notre Dame High School CA/US Aaronson & Powell Notre Dame AP
Polytechnic School CA/US Hathaway & Medrano Polytechnic HM
Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s School UT/US Kovnick & Lessnick Rowland Hall-St. Mark’s KL
Skyline CA/US Irving-Thomas & Harris Skyline IH
St. Francis High School (Mountain V CA/US Rout & Sharma St. Francis HS (Mountain View) RS
The Harker School CA/US Midha & Shan Harker MS
The Kinkaid School TX/US Yerramsetti & Bleiweiss Kinkaid YB

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