2015 Tournament of Champions Bid List Update

HS Impact and Rohan Sadagopal will once again be providing the TOC Bid List for this year’s season. With 28 tournaments completed after this weekend, 32.70% of this year’s bids remain. Illinois still leads all states in number of bids with 40, followed by Texas with 34, and Maryland at 31. Here is the current list of teams who have received bids through this weekends tournaments:

Team Debaters # Tournaments
Niles North OW Oberto-Besso Pando/Walkington 7 Wake, Greenhill, NT, St Marks, UMich, Gbx, Blake
Caddo Magnet CM Conner/Martin 6 Grapevine, Greenhill, St Marks, Gbx, UT, Houston
Centennial KP Koo/Park 6 Greenhill, Bronx, Capitol, Gbx, Blake, MBA
Wayzata GH Gehling/Haas 6 Greenhill, Valley, Caucus, Gbx, Dowling, Blake
Atholton BB Bell/Brown 5 Wake, GDS, Bronx, Scranton, Blake
Greenhill DJ Daftary/Jaramillo 5 Grapevine, St Marks, Gbx, Blake, MBA
McDonogh ER Eckhaus/Resar 5 Greenhill, GDS, UMich, Blake, MBA
St Mark’s AP Ahmad/Pattabi 5 Greenhill, Meadows, Damus, Gbx, MBA
Westwood BR Bhagwandin/Reddy 5 Grapevine, Greenhill, Bronx, UT, Houston
Atholton RS Ramanan/Slavinsky 4 GDS, UMich, Gbx, MBA
Austin SFA EE Estrada/Estrada 4 Grapevine, St Marks, Gbx, UT
Baltimore City College GM Gaylin/Motevalli 4 Wake, GDS, Bronx, Blake
Blake SW Shaikh/Wang 4 Greenhill, Bronx. UMich, MBA
Edgemont KX Kohli/Xu 4 Wake, UMich, Blake, MBA
Green Valley HZ Horn/Zhang 4 Long Beach, Meadows, Damus, Alta
Katy Taylor AL Alattar/Li 4 Grapevine, Greenhill, St Marks , Gbx
Niles West CH Charles/Harbeck 4 GDS, St Marks*, Gbx, Dowling
Niles West DG Donka/Gerghty 4 Greenhill, NT, St Marks, Damus
Notre Dame AP Aaronson/Powell 4 Long Beach, St Marks, Alta, MBA
Pace LS Lewis/Shepherd 4 Greenhill, Chattahoochee, UMich, Gbx
Rowland Hall KL Kovnick/Lessnick 4 St Marks, Meadows, Alta, Blake*
Westminster FG Forman/Gupta 4 St Marks, UMich, Blake, MBA
Westminster HK Hall/Katz 4 Greenhill, St Marks, UMich*, MBA
College Prep HJ Hubinger/Jiang 3 CSUF, Alta, MBA
Glenbrook North ST Spector/Trufanov 3 St Marks, UMich*, Blake
Glenbrook South CS Callahan/Stryker 3 UMich, Dowling, MBA
Harker MS Midha/Shan 3 Greenhill, St Marks, Gbx
Highland Park BD Bannister/Dill 3 Caucus, Dowling, Blake
Jenks DR D’Onofrio/Reinking 3 St Marks, KCKCC, UT
Kinkaid BY Bleiweiss/Yerramsetti 3 Greenhill, Gbx, UT
Polytechnic HM Hathaway/Medrano 3 Wake, Damus, Alta
Reservoir SS Smith/Smith 3 Wake, Capitol, Scranton
Rowland Hall RW Reed-Guevara/Walrath 3 Damus, Alta, Blake
Baltimore City College BY Brathwaite/Yeargin 2 GDS, Bronx
Damien LL Lansang/Luevano 2 St Marks, Gbx
Edina RS Roman/Sposeep 2 Dowling, Blake
Glenbrook North CD Chen/Doman 2 Caucus, UMich
Glenbrook North CS Cotler/Sawyer 2 St Marks*, UMich
Glenbrook North HR Hoffen/Rose 2 NT, UMich
Homewood Flossmoor LS Levinson/Swetz 2 Greenhill, NT
Iowa City WZ Weideman/Zabner 2 OV*, Blake
Iowas City West ST Siddig/Trepka 2 Niles, Valley
Jenks JS Jennings/Smith 2 KCKCC, UT
La Costa Canyon GY Goldschlag/Yamout 2 Meadows, Damus
Northside DR David/Roth 2 Niles, Blake
Pace FL Funston/Levin 2 UMich, MBA
Rowland Hall GW Gordon/Wang 2 Meadows, Alta
Shawnee Mission East DW Dastjerdi/Walter 2 St Marks, KCKCC
Walter Payton MY McColgan/Young 2 Gbx, MBA
Westwood LP Lundquist/Park 2 UT, Houston
Appleton East KS Kostelny/Stumbris 1 NT
Atholton AZ Aggarwal/Zhu 1 GDS
Blake NW Nys/Wexler 1 Caucus
Broad Run DS Dhar/Soni 1 GDS
Broad Run KL Konrad/Logue 1 Wake
Brooklyn Technical DE De Blasio/Eluto 1 Bronx
Carrollton CW Cordoves/Wells 1 UMich
Chaminade CK Cha/Kim 1 La Costa
Chattahoochee DN Devulapalli/Nimkar 1 OV
Chattahoochee DS David/Shapiro 1 OV
Chattahoochee SW Shelton/Weiser 1 OV
College Prep PY Ping/Yamasaki 1 Meadows
Coppell OS Overman/Scivittaro 1 Grapevine
Damien CS Cajanding/Stroug 1 Meadows
Edgemont CG Cai/Gandhi 1 Blake
Edina LR Lepow/Rawal 1 Dowling
El Cerrito MS Mills/Sugarman 1 Alta
Glenbrook North CL Charous/Lee 1 Valley
Glenbrook South DR Dravid/Roche 1 NT
Gulliver Prep AS Asilis/Soria 1 MBA
Homewood Flossmoor FR Fontana/Runburg 1 Dowling
Iowa City GO Gartner/Olesberg 1 OV
Juan Diego AZ Andrews/Zmyslo 1 Damus
Kinkaid BR Bajwa/Richey 1 NT
La Salle GH Grogan/Hogan 1 Wake
Law Magnet GJ Gerst/Johnson 1 Grapevine
Liberal Arts & Science CY Cui/Yoon 1 St Marks
Loyola GN Gray/Nelson 1 UT
Minneapolis South ET Elliott/Thompson 1 Dowling
Minneapolis South FT Ferguson/Thompson 1 Valley*
Minneapolis South GS Goldman/Saari 1 Valley
New Trier BL Byrne/Low 1 OV
Newart Science FS Fakorede/Simon 1 Scranton
Niles West GS Geraghty/Silber 1 OV
Notre Dame APe Aaronson/Peeples 1 Meadows
Notre Dame DP Dille/Pismarov 1 Greenhill
Pace BrLev Brand/Levin 1 Scranton
Pace BrLew Brand/Lewis 1 MBA
Peninsula TW Tambe/Wang 1 La Costa
Ransom Everglades BP Belausteguigoitia/Petros 1 UMich
Seaholm BE Baller/Evans 1 OV
Skyline HI Harris/Irving-Thomas 1 CSUF
St Francis RS Rout/Sharma 1 Damus
St Mark’s GP Galant/Plumber 1 Grapevine
University of Chicago Lab NR Newell/Rosenbacher 1 UMich
Walter Payton BC Brahin/Cusick 1 NT
Wayzata AG Ali/Gandhi 1 Valley*
Wayzata DK Dai/Kamboj 1 Valley*
Westminster CD Carithers/Dayal 1 UMich
Westminster CK Cotter/Kong 1 Chattahoochee
Westminster CS Cotter/Shen 1 Gbx
Westminster FH Forman/Hall 1 OV
Westwood MN Murphy/Nintunze 1 Houston
Wilson FP Furtado/Page 1 Bronx

The schools with the most bids currently are:

School State Bids
Westminster GA 12
Atholton MD 10
Glenbrook North IL 10
Niles West IL 9
Rowland Hall UT 9
Pace GA 8
Wayzata MN 8
Westwood TX 8

Here is a list of the remaining bid tournaments for this season:

Week Tournament State Bids
Jan 9 Arizona State AZ 4
Samford AL 2
Gonzaga WA 4
Omaha Westside NE 2
Jan 16 Heritage Hall OK 2
Bingham UT 2
Lexington MA 8
Jan 23 Emory GA 16
Jan 30 Golden Desert NV 8
Colleyville Heritage TX 4
Pennsbury PA 2
Feb 6 Stanford CA 4
Feb 13 Harvard MA 16
Berkeley CA 16
Pine Crest FL 4
Feb 20 Iowa City West IA 2
Feb 27 University of Georgia GA 4
Lakeland NY 4

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