MBA Top 25 Speakers; Blake’s Zahir Shaikh is Top Speaker

Blake Zahir Shaikh

1. Zahir Shaikh (Blake SW)

2. Saul Forman (Westminster Schools FG)

3. Gabriel Koo (Centennial KP)

4. Allen Wang (Blake SW)

5. Naman Gupta (Westminster Schools FG)

6. Alyssa Resar (McDonogh ER)

7. Aakash Pattabi (St. Mark’s AP)

8. Tanner Lewis (Pace Academy LB)

9. Simon Park (Centennial KP)

10. Vikram Kohli (Edgemont KX)

i 1, Isabel Slavinsky (Atholton RS)

12. Michael Callahan (Glenbrook South CS)

13. Ryan Jiang (College Prep JH)

14. Meg Young (Walter Payton College YM)

15. Advait Ramanan (Atholton RS)

16. Douglas Stryker (Glenbrook South CS)

17. Evan Katz (Westminster Schools KH)

18. Sohum Daftary (Greenhill DJ)

19. Luc Walkington (Niles North WO)

20. Harrison Hall (Westminster Schools KH)

21. Faith Geraghty (Niles West GS)

22. Ricardo Jaramillo (Greenhill DJ)

23. Haris Ahmad (St. Mark’s AP)

24. Ryan Powell (Notre Dame AP)

25. Ryan Eckhaus (McDonogh ER)


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