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Global nuclear war

Mead, 14  –  Editor-at-Large of The American Interest, Professor at Bard College, Academic Director of Bard in New York, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (Walter Russell, AMA on Reddit, 10/22,


[–]hunterhall6 2 points 2 hours ago

In Policy Debate, a academic activity, individuals use your literatuere from “NEW PERSPECTIVES QUARTERLY, Summer, 1992, p. 30” to describe “economic collapse causing global nuclear war.”

This section is as follows: “The failure to develop an international system to hedge against the possibility of worldwide depression- will open their eyes to their folly. Hundreds of millions-billions-of people around the world have pinned their hopes on the international market economy. They and their leaders have embraced market principles-and drawn closer to the West-because they believe that our system can work for them. But what if it can’t? What if the global economy stagnates, or even shrinks? In that case, we will face a new period of international conflict: South against North, rich against poor. Russia. China. India-these countries with their billions of people and their nuclear weapons will pose a much greater danger to world order than Germany and Japan did in the 1930’s.”

Since you are open to questions, do you truely believe a economic collapse could cause a global nuclear war?


[–]hunterhall6 2 points 2 hours ago

It seems as if economies are so interdependent upon each other they would not go to a nuclear war? Thoughts?


[–]WalterRussellMead[S] 2 points an hour ago

It would never be a rational decision to go to thermonuclear war, but people don’t always make rational decisions.


[–]WalterRussellMead[S] 2 points 2 hours ago

Yes, I still think that could happen.


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