Glenbrooks Fun Facts

We mention a lot of these on the podcast so I figured I would post to perhaps generate some discussion ahead of time.


The top seed, Atholton SR was also 1st and 2nd speaker with neither debater getting below a 29- an absolutely incredible accomplishment , especially for a 7 round tournament (and a tournament where universally people complain about the prefs due to its size)

If you were 5-2 in order to clear you needed to average 28.6 speaker points/round. The top speaker had an average of 29.28 almost a full 1/2 point more than the 20th speaker who averaged 28.82

Of teams clearing the highest number of opponent wins was 35, the lowest was 19- for Clark that is a difference of 16 opp wins.


14 teams with a 5-2 record did not clear.


In the octos 9/18 rounds were split decisions and the lower seed claimed victory in 6.


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