Michigan Round 6 Pairings

PineCrest bf

Pinecrest BF prepping for the neg block


MBA JR laughing at nothing.

Round 6 NCX

Start time: 4:40 PM EST

Room Aff Neg Judge
MLB 2104 Niles West PS Niles North MU Zeppos, Ben
MLB 2106 West Bloomfield BA H.H. Dow DN Balzekas, Maggie
MLB 2108 West Bloomfield NC Maine East BJ Vinson, Aaron
MLB 2110 DSM Roosevelt AJ Westminster Schools DN Levin, Jason
MLB 2112 Glenbrook North FK H.H. Dow PD Lakhani, Kainaat
MLB 2114 Chicago Lab Schools HU H.H. Dow MO Johnson, Megan
MLB 2202 Niles West NS Wylie E. Groves GW Brinsky, Dale
MLB 2212 Glenbrook North GJ West Bloomfield RK Kaleel, Salman
MLB 2412 New Trier TO Homewood-Flossmoor MS Abdelmonem, Laila
MLB B101 New Trier MW Niles North BL Palacios, Christian
MLB B103 New Trier CY Niles North LW Slaw, Talya
MLB B109 Homewood-Flossmoor MM Niles North SM Smith, Nick
MLB B111 Glenbrook North SY Niles North SZ Mehta, Shayna
MLB B113 West Bloomfield BP Mount Vernon Presbyterian TD Malia, Matt
MLB B115A Glenbrook North LL Iowa City West TT Wu, Kathie
MLB B115B Chicago Lab Schools MM Maine East HM Dinser, Erin
MLB B116 Glenbrook North CH Niles North AB Pilcher, Max
MLB B117 Iowa City West CE Traverse City Central GK Ghosh, Saheli
MLB B118 New Trier SC Niles North CU Gordon, Drew
MLB B120 New Trier HR Wylie E. Groves BS Lin, Joann
MLB B122 Glenbrook South MR West Bloomfield UV Brzny, Tim
MLB B124 Seaholm LS Okemos BR Kerwin, Noah
MLB B134 USN KM Chicago Lab Schools BD Peilen, Bree
MLB B135 Homewood-Flossmoor EK Glenbrook North JK Wilson, Bill
USB 1250 Wylie E. Groves GM Niles North GM Garcia, Alejandra
USB 2234 Montgomery Bell HF Westminster Schools BN Rogers, Grace
USB 2244 Glenbrook South KM Niles North AS Girardot, Frankie
USB 2260 New Trier MK Niles North GH Hitchcock, Tyler
USB 3163 West Bloomfield GS Niles North SN Lubell, Max
USB 3230 Glenbrook North KS Maine East HT Quinn, Robbie
USB 3265 Glenbrook North FZ Maine East PP Lawson, John
USB 4151 Traverse City Central SM Montgomery Bell JC Levy, Benjamin
USB 4152 Wayzata WH USN CB Thompson, Anne
BYE Niles North DP

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