Meadows 2014 Food Guide

You can see past food guides here and here


If you want to drive to the strip/downtown area those food guides have all the key places. A lot of people didn’t want to do that so here are some places closer to the school


Marche Bacchus– Not sure if I mentioned this on the old guide, but if you are looking for a great place close by for Friday dinner this would be the top rec


German Bread Bakery– not a great place to go if you just watched Fury, but a great place for pastry and they open early so good for pre-tournament breakfast. If you absolutely cannot abide Germans than I would suggest Patisserie Manon which is a little farther away but is French so… butter.


Baby Stacks Cafe– only open till… 3? Something like that- great breakfast joint


Krayvings– If you are picking up food and you have people in your group who are health conscious or have some sort of dietary restrictions this is probably your best bet


Lola’s– Get the Pecan crusted trout with Gouda Grits


Strip and Dip– Formerly BFG chicken, if you like Canes or are a chicken finger junky this is your jam


Grimaldis- very good thin crust style pizza


Frijoles -pretty awesome taco place


Roadkill Cafe– T: close, but its wroth the drive for the only passable BBQ in Vegas-its no Pecan Lodge


And as a special guest segment, here are Chuck Ballingall’s recommendations for non yuppie Vegas





eat. (Downtown) Part of the Downtown revival; great breakfasts, including pancakes, Eggs Benedict, beignets, and shrimp & grits. They are also open for lunch, serving sandwiches. I haven’t been for lunch.


Dupar’s (Downtown, in the Golden Gate Hotel).  This is a branch of the Southern California mini-chain. Basic, diner-style food. Their pancakes are incredible. Other breakfast items are fine too.


Blueberry Hill (several locations, closest is about 15 min away from Meadows). Diner style food, open 24 hours, big portions.


Black Bear Diner. Not very close, but west of the 15. Bruce Miller’s favorite Las Vegas Diner.




Burgers:  In ‘N Out, Smashburger, and Five Guys all have locations on Lake Mead west of the 15.




Nora’s (Flamingo Rd). Great family Italian place. Very popular. Very good for pasta and pizza.


China Mama (Chinatown). Excellent, authentic Chinese. Known for their soup dumplings. Many other excellent dishes, including the beef roll, and the crispy beef, among others.  My favorite Chinese restaurant in Vegas.


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