2014 Greenhill Round Robin Results

Top Five Speakers-

1.  Alyssa Resar, McDonogh School

2.  Gabriel Koo, Centennial High School

3.  Sohum Daftary, Greenhill School

4.  Harry Aaronson, Notre Dame High School

5.  Kate Gehling, Wayzata High School

Ocean Division Results-

1.  Blake School, 11 Ballots

2.  Westminster, 10 Ballots

3.  Stephen F. Austin High School, 9 Ballots

4.  Pace Academy, 8 Ballots

5.  Caddo Magnet High School, 7 Ballots

Exploration Division Results-

1.  Centennial High School, 13 Ballots

2.  McDonogh School, 11 Ballots

3.  Wayzata High Schoool, 10 Ballots

4.  Greenhill School DJ, 7 Ballots

Final Round-

Blake School vs. Centennial High School, Room 1239, 9 p.m.


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