Wake Forest Early Bird — Round 4 Pairings

Round 4

Start time: 5:00 PM EDT

Room Aff Neg Judge
Carswell 005 St. Vincent de Paul MD Alpharetta KK Oddo, Eric
Carswell 014 POLYTECHNIC HM St. Vincent de Paul CH Sugino, Corinne
Carswell 016 St. Vincent de Paul PR Westminster Schools OZ Post, Jenny
Carswell 018 Wylie E. Groves OR Wheeler AP Thorpe, Chelsea
Carswell 019 Atholton BB Appleton East KS Ruffin, Ameena
Carswell 101 Seaholm BE La Salle College HG Sanchez, Taylor
Carswell 102 New Trier BL Johns Creek BT Clifford, Bennett
Carswell 118 McDonogh RJ Niles West GD Azimi, Marcus
Carswell 205 Niles West MS Lexington DC Manchester, Jack
Carswell 208 Mount Vernon Presbyterian JS Reservoir SS Johnson, Tony
Carswell 301 Niles North OW Westminster Schools KH Campbell, Melanie
Carswell 302 Chamblee Charter AP Johns Creek JD Zhang, Catherine
Carswell 305 Johns Creek XV Niles West JS Quinn, Lee
Carswell 322 Alpharetta HS Edgemont XK LeDuc, Joseph
Greene 160 Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart DW Niles West CH Koo, Michael
Greene 162 Niles North SE Niles West BG Miller, Bruce
Greene 233 New Trier SW Lexington ML McCabe, Michael
Greene 236 Baltimore City College BY Broad Run DS Cherry, Kaine
Greene 237 New Trier BK Ransom Everglades CB Villa, Valeria
Greene 245 Roswell BR Baltimore City College GM Varney, Samantha
Greene 246 Juan Diego Catholic MB Wilson KK McIntosh, Val
Greene 251 Baltimore City College BS Oakton BT Duff, Erica
Greene 253 Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart CC Lexington ZH Smelko, Bill
Greene 308 WDM Valley BD Calhoun KS Langr, Maddie
Greene 310 Montgomery Bell YK Berkeley Prep MS Willoughby, Lisa
Greene 311 Westminster Schools KX Alpharetta MW Mitchell, Brent
Kirby 10 Johns Creek DR Wilson SJ Meloche, Brad
Kirby 101 Oakton TR Encinitas Independent SM Kaczmarek, Sheryl
Kirby 102 Johns Creek GM Alpharetta LC Galerstein, Robert
Kirby 103 La Salle College CP Chattahoochee RS Pitman, James
Kirby 117 Westminster Schools BB Niles North YA Shaw, Bobby
Kirby 120 Chattahoochee DN Casady JK Bearden, Lynn
Kirby B01A Montgomery Bell CC Lakeland District Debate KL Peddibhotla, Bharath
Manchester 124 Pine Crest BF Oakton KB Thomas, Christopher
Manchester 125 Ransom Everglades GP USN KW Hammond, Jeremy
Manchester 245 Lakeland District Debate PD East Kentwood OR Chui, Jeffrey
Manchester M121 Cambridge LL Westminster Schools CK Kreus, Daniel
Tribble A102 Casady DB Chattahoochee DM Foley, Jordan
Tribble A103 GPS CH Harker XS Hurwitz, Jacob
Tribble A104 Walton YL Aspen AA Cooper, Ryan
Tribble A203 Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart ST Leucadia Independent GY Moczulski, Leah
Tribble A204 Edgemont JM Broad Run KL Schultz, James
Tribble A205 Desert Vista BG Baltimore City College ID Kennedy, Sean
Tribble A206 Atholton AZ River Hill DD Steiner, Rebecca
Tribble A207 Niles West LS Milton FM Sternberg, Jordana
Tribble A208 Capitol Debate EK Johns Creek LR Malia, Matt
Tribble A209 Juan Diego Catholic AZ Casady CP Shook, Lindsey
Tribble A302 Calhoun BF Montgomery Bell ZZ Boyce, Tucker
Tribble A305 Henry W. Grady CR Westminster Schools DC Salathe, Tyler
Tribble A306 Atholton RS Wilson PF Cronin, Mac
Tribble B116 Mona Shores AW Alpharetta CK Gannon, Andres
Tribble B117 Chattahoochee HS Wheeler KJ Weil, Stephen
Tribble B13 New Trier GH Lakeland District Debate AR Bricker, Brett
Tribble B216 Bishop Guertin TS GPS GM Clark, Josh
Tribble C115 Encinitas Independent DZ Potomac LC Shah, Priten
Tribble C216 Edgemont CH Pine Crest JC Miller, Ian
Tribble C3 Niles North HS WDM Valley SD Vinson, Aaron
Tribble C316 Niles West OT New Trier DS Lockwood, Andrew


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